Ginger Films

Cooper Howard

Visual storytelling is a powerful tool that can be used to inform and connect people with the things they care about. Online media platforms have made it easier than ever for any business, organization, individual or entity to share their story with people who want to hear it. Contact me to discuss how we can best present your story to the world.


- Full HD Home Walkthrough videos that include aerial footage and agent branding.

- High resolution photography that can be used in any publication whether in print or online.

- Agent profile videos that give potential clients the confidence to choose you as their agent. 

- Design custom marketing pieces. 


*First time clients receive $100 off any package!

Video Package:  $700 + Editing Hours - Full HD walkthrough video that features aerial footage, agent branding and high quality, royalty free music. (You will also a receive a completely unbranded video to be used for RMLS.)

Photo Package: $250-$350 + Editing Hours - High resolution photos that can be used in any publication whether in print or online. As many photos as needed to showcase the home. The higher price includes aerial photos. 

Video + Photo Package: $850 + Editing Hours - Walkthrough video + as many photos as needed to showcase the home. 

Instagram Video: $350 + Editing Hours - One minute video showcasing whatever you'd like: Yourself, a home/property, a recently sold home/property, etc. (All other videos are able to be posted to Instagram, but will be longer than one minute.) 

Agent Profile: $800 + Editing Hours - Video that showcases your strengths as an agent as well as a short bio (client testimonials can be added upon request).

Design: $30/hour - Creation of custom marketing pieces, ads, brochures, flyers, business cards, etc. (Generally 2-3 hours per project.)

Editing Hours: $30/hour - Each video takes anywhere from 8-10 hours to cut together; Photos take anywhere from 2-4 hours to touch up.

Why Video

Video is able to capture the feeling of an environment much better than pictures alone. Whenever I create a home walkthrough my goal is to create something that not only fits the feeling of the home, but to also create something that is interesting to watch and keeps the viewers engaged throughout. Every walkthrough is carefully thought out; throughout the creation process I make sure to choose imagery that shows off the home in a compelling way and select high quality music that blends perfectly with the ambiance of the home being showcased. 

Various marketing pieces I've put together: Facebook Covers, Contact Cards, Flyers, Shopping Cart and Phonebook ads.