Ginger Films

Cooper Howard

Visual storytelling is a powerful tool that can be used to inform and connect people with the things they care about. Online media platforms have made it easier than ever for any business, organization, individual or entity to share their story with people who want to hear it. Contact me to discuss how we can best present your story to the world.

Why Video?

Storytelling has been an integral part of life ever since the dawn of language. Today, visual storytelling has become far more accessible thanks to online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Unprecedented connectivity has allowed businesses, foundations, organizations and individuals to spread their stories across the globe instantaneously, allowing more people to connect with the things they care about most. 

One of the easiest and most effective ways for people to hear your story is through video. In the age of information it is crucial to grab people’s attention and hold it for as long as possible without the viewer feeling as if their time has been wasted. Every video I create aims to do just that. By employing interesting visuals, quality sound, and compelling information, your visual story will stand out and engage viewers in a meaningful way. 

Job Description

I am a freelance media professional in Portland, Oregon. I specialize in video production, photography and design. My services include, but are not limited to: Real Estate Walkthroughs, Profile Videos, Product ReviewsMusic VideosPromotional VideosCommercialsHow-To Videos/Training Videos, Design Brochures/Flyers/Posters/Business Cards, etc. or Capturing Special Events or Activities. 


Please feel free to contact me to discuss rates. Each project requires different levels of time and effort and are priced accordingly. My general pricing is listed below. 

Video Shoot: $700/day

Photo Shoot: $200/day

Video + Photo Shoot: $850/day

Editing: $35/hour

Half Day Shoot (4 hours or less): $350

Need help on your crew?

If you're looking for some help on your next video or photo shoot then feel free to contact me with a short description of the project and the days you'll need help. I can also help if you're looking to capture HD Aerial Footage. 

Production Assistant: $250/day

Camera Operator: $350/day

Drone Operator: $350/day

Sound Recordist: $200/day